We look forward to helping you transform into your best self!  Join us for our upcoming retreat in Palm Springs 2021.



Palm Springs, CA

September 9-15 2021


Welcome to your luxury, medically supervised retreat in the peaceful, luxury, desert oasis of Palm Springs.


Our Palm Springs Revivery retreat provides quality, customized treatments for your body centered around detoxification in a beautiful and natural setting.


Our guests receive nutrition, cooking and physiological courses designed to reset bad habits and increase their knowledge for lasting results.





Our Bali Revivery community will receive world-class health education from Dr. Anthony Balduzzi and Dr. Shyrlena Bogard, covering both the latest breakthroughs in longevity & anti-aging medicine as well as simple, time-tested, and practical health habits that you can begin after returning home from Revivery.


Over the week long retreat, a six topic lecture series was offered:

  1. The New Science Of Human Longevity
  2. The Supercharged Performance Nutrition Plan
  3. How To Sleep Deeper And Wake Up Completely Refreshed
  4. Crafting The Perfect Supplement And Herb Protocol
  5. The Blueprint For Natural Beauty And Skincare Regimen
  6. The Anatomy Of A Safe And Effective Juice Cleanse


The Bali Retreat curates a set of spa treatments specifically designed to relax the body and accelerate the detoxifying effects of the fasting and cleansing program. Some of the spa treatments include: Coffeezy, a cleansing, detoxification of your body; massage, Balinese or Shiatsu; revitatlizing facial treatment and scrubs.

The treatments begin when your body is in a state of rest and detoxification over the three-day liquid juice cleanse, requiring little to no energy to digest and assimilate solid foods. The treatments work on the nervous system, skin, lymphatic and circulatory systems, liver, kidneys and the intestines on opening and extracting toxic waste through the pores of the skin.


The tranquil environment of Ubud provided quality, customized treatments for the body centered around detoxification in a beautiful natural setting.

Hidden in the peaceful forest, Udara Bali is an integrated healing yoga resort. Nestled between the Indian ocean, rice fields and surrounded with ancient temples, Udara sets the mood for a relaxing and authentic Bali retreat.

The resort is situation in the peaceful city of Ubud and is considered by many to be the epicenter for arts and culture, overflowing with unique, local shops and markets, green tranquil rice fields, and ancient temples and  caves.

To accompany this 5-star resort, our Revivery community received an organic, whole foods menu by a private chef for the entire week. One chef enriched the bodies and minds of our Revivery community with local, sustainable, organic and delicious whole foods, that they can continue with after the retreat.



  • Average weight loss of 8lbs
  • Average heart rate decrease by 4bpm
  • 1.3 inches off their waist
  • Average of 15 points in their blood pressure



The best part about these results is they’re sustainable, as Revivery’s educational program equips our community with the knowledge for how to carry this healthy regime forward into their daily lives.


  • Average weight loss of 7lbs
  • Average heart rate decrease by 10bpm
  • 1.8 inches off their waist
  • Average of 13.7 points in their blood pressure