Here are some personal results and testimonials of the Revivery community.



“Revivery so significantly exceeded my expectations that it’s hard to describe. The shared experience, relaxation, eduction, detoxification, etc. was so enjoyable and rewarding, but the physical and emotional shifts I felt in my body and mind were unexpected and desperately needed. What was accomplished here was the creation of a space that was so deeply kind, supportive, and healing. The Revivery team really created an environment that was so deeply healing I can’t verbalize my gratitude in a manner that carries quite the right weight, so I’ll just say ‘Thank you!'”


“I don’t say this lightly: Revivery is a life-changing experience for anyone interested in rapidly improving their health, energy, physique, and overall well-being. Revivery’s cutting-edge, medically-supervised detox regimen will leave you feeling lighter, leaner, and cleaner than you’ve felt in years. That was my exact experience after 5 days on the Revivery Protocol, and I witnessed the same rapid health transformation with the other retreat attendees. This is the real deal. I’ll be back on this protocol a few times every year to keep my system running at 100%.”


“One of the best parts of Revivery is the educational experience and the daily lectures. The science behind the program is what this set this apart for me relative to other retreats I’ve attended that are not medically supervised. I learned a ton and took the highlights back to incorporate into my daily life.”


“Revivery was exactly what I needed. I felt completely rejuvenated from the inside out. As a hard charging entrepreneur, it’s SO important to take time like this to recharge and revive, body, mind and soul. Don’t hesitate, get this in your quarterly agenda ASAP!”


“I literally lost 8lbs in 7 days and 2” off my waist and I’ve kept it off this year. A friend told me about it, I decided to try it out and it’s definitely something I want to do on a yearly basis to reset your mind, body, and soul.”


“My experience at Revivery was life-changing. Staying in one of the most luxurious homes Kauai overlooking the sea provided the perfect setting for a medically supervised, world-class health retreat. Each day there were fun activities, spa treatments, enrichment talks, and healthy meals. The week was perfectly designed to promote our healing, with all the supplements and nutrition being providing. During the course of the week, I lost weight and have never felt better. Best of all, I left the retreat with valuable information that has continued to support my health. Revivery was a great gift to myself and my partner, and I recommend it to everyone who is ready a transformational experience in a beautiful setting.”